TESLA - PANTYHOSE! - Sheer, Silky & Sexy - Thumbs up!

There's a myth that pantyhose are uncomfortable, sweaty and itchy - Not true - Well, not true if you spend your money on quality nylon. They may be a little more expensive than your regular run-of-the-mill pantyhose, but a luxury pair can do wonders for the look and appeal of your legs.

I've been asked, many times by my customers, why I don't make accessories like pantyhose to go with the shoes I sell; to be honest, I tried - I even tried photo-sourcing but to know avail; I just couldn't get the soft look of real pantyhose. Instead I looked all around SL, and couldn't find a pair that convinced me... until I discovered Eloria LeShelle's store Battered Boudoir. I noticed that she made hose that went with her outfits and they looked very nice - very sheer, with a nice sheen and soft look. So, I asked her if she would make a collection of sheer-to-waist and lace pantie pantyhoses to sell in my store.

These realistic pantyhoses have been painstakingly put together by Eloria; I know she toiled for hours and hours on these (she even accidently deleted some and had to start again). I said that I only want quality for my store, only the best for my customers and she delivered! You can tell by the attention to detail of the shades and highlights that these are quality pantyhoses.

There are four different packs to buy, each one a different denier. In each pack, there are ten different colours in three different styles (that makes thirty pairs!) to match most if not all your outfits. They are so sexy and silky that you'll only draw attention to your precious legs with them on!

Come to my store and check them out! - CLICK for Teleport!

Tesla Miles

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Anonymous said...

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