TESLA - *Cupid's Arrow* Hat - Heart Association Charity Auction

Hihihi :) Hello and welcome to another edition of Tesla blog post.

Today, I present my cute Cupid's Arrow hat which I made specially for The Cafe Society’s Valentine’s Day Silent Auction.

It's entirely made from sculpted prims except for the feathers which are flexi.

As you can see, the concept for this hat is a heart with little cupid's arrow through it.

If you're interested in bidding for this hat, then feel free to come along to the event where there will be other designer's work up for bid - You might take home something extra delicious while helping a good cause at the same time.

Here are the details :

You are cordially invited to Attend
The Cafe Society’s Valentine’s Day Silent Auction,
Bachelor Auction, & Charity Gala
To Benefit the Heart Associationon Monday the 11th:
MR. Romance Will attempt to shoot his first In-World Podcast
Featuring His SL Version of the Dating Game at 7:15 pm SLT in the Fashion Cafe
Then at 8pm We Will have a Preview of
All the Silent Auction Items
Followed By a Cocktail Party with DJ Ryviana Vanness
Attire- Semi Formal / Cocktail attire

Click for TP

Hope to see you there :) X

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