TESLA - OMG! MEN'S SHOES! Sculpted Oxfords!

So anyway, I was talking to my friend Agatha, you know Agatha? - Agatha Watkins, the old hag that lives down the road. Anyway, she was telling me about men; what are men? I asked her. Suffice to say, I discovered that there is another type of women in Second Life (tm) - they're called men, or 'guys' for short.

In honour of my great discovery, I've decided to bring these bizarre creatures up to date with our modern civilization by creating these shoes for them. They're Oxfords, and they're leather, and... and... they're contemporary, which is another way of saying they're cool - just like beans (cool beans)

So whether you're a man thing, or have a penchant for cross-dressing, check out the demo at my store to see if they make you feel gooooood!

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TESLA - Clearance SALE - Sculptie Sunglasses HALF PRICE!

The popular Solaris and Enchant sunglasses have now been reduced to half price to make way for new stock! You can pick up the Enchants for 100L$ and Solaris for 149L$.

If you have bought either of these in the last week, then please IM me with the date of your purchase and I'll give you back the difference!

The demos are available for you to try before you purchase, so come and check them out - you won't be disappointed.

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TESLA - Skins are in for spring! New Vixen Stilettos!

(click picture to enlarge)

The Vixen stiletto has a few new additions of fur and snakeskin to its range!

These are hot for spring '08, but who are we kidding; snakeskin and fur are always a welcome addition to the wardrobe.

Treat your feet to the brand new Vixens, come and try the demos at my store!

Have fun!!! X



TESLA - Quick Note about Vinyl Vixens Ads

(click picture to enlarge)

You may have noticed these new images for the Vinyl Vixens vendors in my store; for all those who asked, these are not new shoe releases, I just redid the photos to represent the shoes with more clarity.

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TESLA Diva: Some New Colours!

I've decided to change the colours of the Divas so they are compatible with more outfits. They're brighter, but not oversaturated. Also slightly altered the heel textures.

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TESLA presents Strappy Heels!

I won't say much - I'll let the piccies do the talking. There are nine colours (not all are pictured) and a multi-pack! Woooot!

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