WIN SHOES! Not just a freebie! Something WORTH winning!

WIN QUALITY SHOES! - I was going to sell these, but decided to play Willy Wonka and make them a highly sought after prize!

ONLY exclusively available on the lucky chair (it calls a letter, if your name begins with the letter - you WIN!)... turnaround is every 10 minutes, but changes everytime someone wins... therefore, the more people you know, the more chance you have of winning - invite your friends and be one of the few to own a special pair which is NOT for sale (makes it even rarer!) Lots of fun for all the family!

So next time you see someone wearing a pair of these, you'll know that they're a lucky winner!

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Don't forget to pick up the black version of these which is free for everyone! - Everyone is a winner!


TESLA - SALE!! Sculpted Jane Pumps! 50L$ to 300L$!

(click to enlarge picture)

If anyone can remember the early days of sculpties in SL, the Jane shoes caused quite a stir and Tenshi Vielle suggested that they should be put in a museum because of their historical significance - a revolution in SL shoe development.

Well anyhow, I've decided to put these shoes on SALE! You can get the 7 pair pack with the special plaid edition for only 300L$ now! And the single pairs are reduced from 349L$ to only 50L$. So if you don't have these, you can pick them up at a steal before I finally decide to get rid of them forever!

BTW, if you have purchased any of these shoes at their original price within the past week or so, please contact me and I'll give you a full refund after checking the transaction history.

Don't forget to pick up my new updated Elise Mary Jane heels too (with new improved form and texture)!

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TESLA - FREE!!! Updated 'Elise' Mary Jane Heels!

(click photo to enlarge)
I decided to improve the much loved and ever popular shiny black 'Elise' Mary Jane Heels. Elise 2 has a more refined and cleaner shape, a sleeker heel, and a much improved texture. The overall look is generally more balanced.

Get Elise at MY STORE for FREE!


TESLA - New Platform Pumps - OOOooh Estella...

I decided to set myself the rather daunting task of creating yet another sculpted prim shoe; this time, as an exercise, I asked myself what would Miss Havisham's daughter look like if she were a shoe. I wracked my brain over this one, just like Dickens might have at one time when he was writing his Great Expectations in the dim candlelight of his cramped living quarters. Eventually, Estella was finally manifested in the form of a platform heeled shoe with a teasingly cute floppy bow ribbow on the heel. Miss Havisham would have been proud, but be careful - she don't like any guys to do dirty tricks to her daughter... *mad laugh*

There have been rumours that Tesla store has been slowly going down the pan while newer shoe brands have been pushing my shoes to the bottome of the closet... Well, I've been punching frozen meat for the past couple of weeks, strengthening my fashion muscles, and I'd like to thank all my customers for continuing to support me - even though I'm suffering from madness...

Well, back to the shoes..l There are nine, yes nine! different funky colours with a swirley, yet mesmerizing texture, on the patent leather! All extremely girly girl shoes for girly girls.

Come to my in-world store in Second Life (have you heard of it?) - by CLICKING HERE FOR TP!

Have fun kiddies, and don't forget to sleep (ahhh sleep, I miss sleep...)

Tes XoXoX


Bring Your SL Shoes into RL! Natasha Shiny Red Stilettos!

(click on photo to enlarge)

Lately, I have been getting lots of requests for high quality photo-real renders of my shoes.

I took my Natasha high heeled stiletto shoes and rendered them outside of Second Life, with a perfect lighting setup and dedicated CG software to produce super-high resolution images. By the way, the shoes look much smoother than in SL.

So, if you want to bring your Second Life shoes into your real life, you can find super high definition - posters, prints, cards and fridge magnets, etc at my CafePress website.

Or just go to my SL store as usual :)


TESLA - *Cupid's Arrow* Hat - Heart Association Charity Auction

Hihihi :) Hello and welcome to another edition of Tesla blog post.

Today, I present my cute Cupid's Arrow hat which I made specially for The Cafe Society’s Valentine’s Day Silent Auction.

It's entirely made from sculpted prims except for the feathers which are flexi.

As you can see, the concept for this hat is a heart with little cupid's arrow through it.

If you're interested in bidding for this hat, then feel free to come along to the event where there will be other designer's work up for bid - You might take home something extra delicious while helping a good cause at the same time.

Here are the details :

You are cordially invited to Attend
The Cafe Society’s Valentine’s Day Silent Auction,
Bachelor Auction, & Charity Gala
To Benefit the Heart Associationon Monday the 11th:
MR. Romance Will attempt to shoot his first In-World Podcast
Featuring His SL Version of the Dating Game at 7:15 pm SLT in the Fashion Cafe
Then at 8pm We Will have a Preview of
All the Silent Auction Items
Followed By a Cocktail Party with DJ Ryviana Vanness
Attire- Semi Formal / Cocktail attire

Click for TP

Hope to see you there :) X


TESLA - Club/ Cocktail Party Shoes with a Twist of Lime

I decided to design a cutesy little shoe with a slightly squared toe and lower heel. The texture theme is a contemporary re-interpretation of the 'polka dot'... Oooh la la!

I've named the shoes after alcoholic drinks because their colours are so lively and party-ish! - Tequila Sunrise, Summer Wine Punch, Pink Champagne, Chocolate Mint Martini, Blue heaven, and Black Magic ( which is just a plain patent black pair for the more adventurous fashionistas among you :)

There's also a multi-pack, all six pairs available too :)

You know the score, it's on the shop floor (top) ... LE CLICKY HERE for TP

Hihihihihihi :D


TESLA - PANTYHOSE! - Sheer, Silky & Sexy - Thumbs up!

There's a myth that pantyhose are uncomfortable, sweaty and itchy - Not true - Well, not true if you spend your money on quality nylon. They may be a little more expensive than your regular run-of-the-mill pantyhose, but a luxury pair can do wonders for the look and appeal of your legs.

I've been asked, many times by my customers, why I don't make accessories like pantyhose to go with the shoes I sell; to be honest, I tried - I even tried photo-sourcing but to know avail; I just couldn't get the soft look of real pantyhose. Instead I looked all around SL, and couldn't find a pair that convinced me... until I discovered Eloria LeShelle's store Battered Boudoir. I noticed that she made hose that went with her outfits and they looked very nice - very sheer, with a nice sheen and soft look. So, I asked her if she would make a collection of sheer-to-waist and lace pantie pantyhoses to sell in my store.

These realistic pantyhoses have been painstakingly put together by Eloria; I know she toiled for hours and hours on these (she even accidently deleted some and had to start again). I said that I only want quality for my store, only the best for my customers and she delivered! You can tell by the attention to detail of the shades and highlights that these are quality pantyhoses.

There are four different packs to buy, each one a different denier. In each pack, there are ten different colours in three different styles (that makes thirty pairs!) to match most if not all your outfits. They are so sexy and silky that you'll only draw attention to your precious legs with them on!

Come to my store and check them out! - CLICK for Teleport!