Leather Vixens in umm.. leather and colours!!

Hooray, this is another textured 'Vixen' model. She comes in 9 different leather colours. These pumps have the most realistic shape that you won't find anywhere else in Second Life.

Come to my store to try the demo and see the shoes on display! You won't regret it!


SEXY Vinyl Vixens - SHINY Stiletto Pumps!

Shiny shoes! You don't see shiny stiletto shoes very often in SL and there's a technical reason for that which I won't go into!

These shiny latex beauties feature a fully refined sexy stiletto shape and a baked texture map for extra shiny shiny realism - woooohooo!! And yes, all the photos shown here were taken within SL!

You can try on a DEMO, and view these shoes on display at my store...

Have fun!! ;)



NEW! Cute Dainty Gwyneth Heels!

Check out my brand new sculpted prim heels! Suede upper with a cute satin bow.

I decided that there weren't enough cute, dainty shoes in SL. It is time to introduce shoes for that little girl wanting to get out - Meet Gwyneth (not Paltrow as in the last post!) She's the stuff that fairy tales are made out of, inspired by Cinderella - oh, I should have called them Cinderella maybe instead! - Oh well, too late, Cinderella will have to wait!

Come and try the DEMO at my store!



Air Hostess Outfits - now FREE!!

I am now giving away this air hostess outfits for FREE at my store!

This sexy and stylish outfit was inspired by the same one that Gwyneth Paltrow wore in the movie, 'View from the Top'. It comes with a dress and stylish sculpted prim hat.

Come and get both colours before I change my mind!


Some Funky Shoes in YUMMY Flavours! MMMmmmm YUM

These shoes look sexy as well as a little sporty. I've made 4 different colours, if you buy the fat pack, you'll save over 500L$! Come and try the demo... TELEPORT