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Howdy Folks!!

I'm just gonna let the piccies do the speaking because I'm too lazy to...

Hope you're enjoying the summer weather, running around in your bathing suits and sipping freshly squeezed lemonade!

That's enough chit chat, you probably stopped reading already.

Hope you like the shoes, I've been guilty of neglecting the young ones in order to make these. BUT mummy must work dammit!

Come to my store to try the demo if it is so your true desire... Clicky LINKY HERE!

Take care!


TESLA - Coming SOOOON!!! Marie Preview

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Despite having to deal with reports of stolen sculpt maps of my shoes being distributed around the grid (which has made me think twice about putting these out), I've managed to get a couple of photo previews of this future release.

These pictures were taken inworld and NO, I repeat NO photo-retouching/editing was done to them... What you see is what you get :) They are all my own handmade textures, no photo-sourcing was used.

Thanks for all those who support me and my work, and I have been making a concerted effort to bring you better quality shoes each time.

Enjoy your Second Life,

Love Tes :)



TESLA - Men's Urban Tactic Sculptie Boots! Yay for men!

(click to enlarge image - images have NOT been retouched - honest advertising folks!)

I've been planning to make these boots for a long time, they're for guys!! YAY!... Fully sculpted prim, completely hand-drawn textures (including the baked bump map) People usually wear this style with the laces undone, so I've made the loose laces with flexi prims so they swing around when you walk! Oooh...

Perfect for the tough guy, or the clueless but cute! :)

Resizeable - just left click on the boots in a script enabled parcel and then use the pop up menu to make them fit.

I really enjoyed making these shoes, learnt many new skills, and figured out faster construction methods using more advanced techniques than ever before. Expect to see more high quality releases in the future!

Come to my Store... Click for TP, to try the demo!


4 SHOES for 300 L$!! and for a good cause! Relay for Life

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In a desperate bid to raise more money for the American Cancer Society, I've decided to persuade people to donate by producing three new colors for the stylish Priscilla platform pumps, making a total of 4 colors. You can own all four pairs of these shoes for a minimum donation of JUST 300L$ !!!!!... Just pay the official RFL scripted vendor in my store.

The best thing is that you're also helping a very good cause... helping those scientists find a cure for cancer, which has claimed two of my family members.

Click HERE for a teleport and try the demo of Priscilla...