NEW from TESLA - more *Ziggy* Retro Style Sculpted Boots!

Six cute new releases... The photos probably say it all!

Since these are tight-fitting boots (it's part of the style) - I suggest that you try the demo first.

Quick news: the highest bidder of the Ziggy Special Edition *Shine* boots at the Shine charity auction for Medecins Sans Frontiers was Celebrity Trollop (of SecondStyle fame), she generously donated a whopping L$25,000 for the unique pair!

CLICK HERE to go to my inworld store! Don't forget to pick up your FREE shoes!

Other than that, take care, look after yourselves, and have lot-so-lot-so fun.... :))) X


TESLA: NEW Sim! --- FREE sculpted boots!!



The new sim and store is now open! To celebrate Christmas, I'm giving away a free pair of boots to everyone who comes and visits!

The beautiful and lovely Lyanis Sin has been taking photographs of Tesla city, check them out on Flickr!

You can find the new store at THIS LANDMARK.... CLICK HERE.

Have fun & enjoy your holiday!


SHINE Charity Auction - ONE-OF-A-KIND

SHINE is having a charity event to raise money for Medecins Sans Frontieres! For this special event, I've made a one-of-a-kind special edition pair of Ziggy boots called 'Shine'!

Why don't you go and bid for them and help a good cause at the same time... You could end up being the sole owner of the pictured lovely feet adornment!

Description: 'Shine' is a sculpted prim low-calf, high-heeled and high-laced boots in the Victorian style. A sensuous combination of patent leather and finest quality Chinese silk in a delicious chocolate colour. As well as spoiling the wearer with unabashed luxury, these heels are guaranteed to turn heads too!

The event is taking place on the following dates:

Show times: Friday December 21 at 7:00 PM SLTSaturday December 22 at 12:00 noon SLT Location: Metro Event Stage, Narcissus Island (203, 170)Auction Ends: Midnight SLT December 24, 2007

For more information go HERE


NEW range of SCULPTED retro heeled boots! ZIGGY!

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Howdy didly dooo di poo...

Hi folks!

contrary to popular belief, I haven't died, not yet anyway :) I force myself to stay alive everyday just so I can bring you your funky cute fashions!
So anyway, today, I introduce to you my new range of Ziggy shoes, starting with the Morning Glory flavour...

These are funky retro boots. I actually originally intended to make a vintage pair of Victorian boots, but I got bored... I said to myself (with my unusual southern drawl) NO! I had to slap myself infact... and I raised the heel a bit higher, and gave the boots a more contemporary look.

Ta-daaa... Tesla original.

COME and check out the demo at MY STORE.

These won't be sold as part of a fat pack...




Sharp & Sexy ... NATASHA

The sensation of slipping into these smooth satin and excruciatingly pointy stiletto heels is just simply... dare I say it?... mind-blowingly ORGASMIC!

The first time you slip your little feet into these devilish beauties, you'll experience something that you've never ever felt before... You're going to find that out yourself!

Great Xmas gifts as recommended by Rez Magazine.

Look at the pics, and check out the demo in the store by clicking HERE.

Don't forget to pick up your free Mary Janes...


FREE Sculpty Mary Jane Heels - 'Elise'!!


available from my store!

CLICK HERE to teleport...

Come and check out these cool black, shiny Mary Jane heels - you don't even need to try them on because they're FREE, FREE, FREE!

Have fun now!





The time has come!!! - The moment you've all been waiting so patiently for! I'm so excited that I can hardly contain my liquids!!!!! :o

So anyway, at the end of last week, I released a delicious sculptie teaser Diva in yumbo yummo red. Today, ten colours can be found at my mainstore - including the ever popular silver and gold!

You can buy the colours individually or buy all ten of them in a fat pack for only L$1999! WOWZERSZZS!!

CLICK to come to my in-world store to see the shoes on display, or even better, try on the demo and see how they look on you!

Lots of fun, hahahaha, SL is lots of fun!!





NEW Diva Heels! More colours to come!

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Brand new!

Come to the store to try the demo!

The photograph used for the vendor has not been edited, ie. what you see is what you get!

The right shoe is different from the left - as it is in RL!

You can see these on display at my store :)\

More colours to come in the future, stay tuned!


Oooh More SHINY!! Sculpted Vixen Heels - Now In Silver and Gold!

I've created a couple of new shoes to add to the ever more popular Vixens collection of sculpted prim pumps... They are Silver Dream and Gold Spirit. Who need bling script when you're wearing these cute and sexy dazzlers! Wear them like jewellery for the feet - actually, they are even better!

Perfect for that silver or gold outfit that you've always struggled to find shoes for, and if you don't have an elegant, stunning glittery dress, then here's a hint for you: nudge, nudge, wink, wink (say no more) ---> INGENUE - hehehe, check out Ginger!

BTW, the photographs in the ads were taken in-world and no editing was done to them! - That's how good they look!

Take care,

love Tes


SCULPTED BOOTS! - meet Analise!

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Something for the Fall...

Please be warned that these boots are designed to be narrow fit; that is the intended style - although the calf of the boot is sizeable in the full version, it's only for those with a minor size difference. I advise that you try the DEMO which is available in the store before buying. These are non-refundable.

Other than that, I hope you like the funky colours! Have fun!


Leather Vixens in umm.. leather and colours!!

Hooray, this is another textured 'Vixen' model. She comes in 9 different leather colours. These pumps have the most realistic shape that you won't find anywhere else in Second Life.

Come to my store to try the demo and see the shoes on display! You won't regret it!


SEXY Vinyl Vixens - SHINY Stiletto Pumps!

Shiny shoes! You don't see shiny stiletto shoes very often in SL and there's a technical reason for that which I won't go into!

These shiny latex beauties feature a fully refined sexy stiletto shape and a baked texture map for extra shiny shiny realism - woooohooo!! And yes, all the photos shown here were taken within SL!

You can try on a DEMO, and view these shoes on display at my store...

Have fun!! ;)



NEW! Cute Dainty Gwyneth Heels!

Check out my brand new sculpted prim heels! Suede upper with a cute satin bow.

I decided that there weren't enough cute, dainty shoes in SL. It is time to introduce shoes for that little girl wanting to get out - Meet Gwyneth (not Paltrow as in the last post!) She's the stuff that fairy tales are made out of, inspired by Cinderella - oh, I should have called them Cinderella maybe instead! - Oh well, too late, Cinderella will have to wait!

Come and try the DEMO at my store!



Air Hostess Outfits - now FREE!!

I am now giving away this air hostess outfits for FREE at my store!

This sexy and stylish outfit was inspired by the same one that Gwyneth Paltrow wore in the movie, 'View from the Top'. It comes with a dress and stylish sculpted prim hat.

Come and get both colours before I change my mind!


Some Funky Shoes in YUMMY Flavours! MMMmmmm YUM

These shoes look sexy as well as a little sporty. I've made 4 different colours, if you buy the fat pack, you'll save over 500L$! Come and try the demo... TELEPORT


'Jane' Stiletto Pumps in Animal Print!

These sexy sculpted prim heels are available in leopard and zebra! CLICK to TELEPORT


Leather Stilettos 'Jane' in different colours

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Here's a small selection...
White has also been added.

UPDATE: A NEW Plaid Edition of Jane - exclusively available only as part of the Multi Pack Purchase.

Burberry Special Edition ONLY available with the Multi-pack (probably only the fabulously stinking rich SL upper class will be seen wearing the plaid edition... or anyone who blogs me gets a free pair :o)


'Gabriell' - Heaven Sent

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Another romantic hat from Tesla!