TESLA Vixen Desire - 6 Inch Heels RELEASED!

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These are my latest addition to the Vixen range of sexy high heel stiletto pumps. Higher than ever, these patent pumps have a 6 inch heel - guaranteed to make you look delicious whatever you wear, or don't wear with them!

Uploading back and forth between SL and tweaking the shape in an external application, with a total of 27 uploads just to get the form that I exactly want. These heels also contain a script to raise your foot higher than SL normally allows, don't worry this script will continue to work wherever you go, even in script disabled lands, as long as you wear the shoes on script enabled land to activate them!

So the shape and form is quite different from my other Vixens, the most noticeable difference is a very precise sculpted invisiprim to 'force' the foot to conform to a more natural shape. They cost a bit more than the older Vixens, but don't worry, if this newest pump is a bit more than you can afford, I will still be keeping the original Vixens in the store for you to purchase.

In this particular Vixen Desire shoe, I've tried to make everything as perfect as possible - the form, the colors carefully chosen, the lighting to make the reflections, the reflection image, the seams and the shadows. I hope you will appreciate and adore this newest shoe to the Tesla collection, and may they bring you lots of pleasure and enjoyment!

Oh yeah, each pack contains a complimentary crossed leg model pose made by me, it is the pose that I used for the display photos that you see above!

So hurry and try the demo at my store... Click to Teleport!

Keep having fun,




TESLA Windlight Settings for Realistic Sunlight - Download...

(click to enlarge: image using 'Tesla Real Sunlight' Windlight settings, in Snowglobe viewer with shadows enabled)

Custom Windlight settings by Tesla Miles to capture the feeling of real sunlight. Make your photos look better and sunnier!

Photos taken on Tesla sim.

Download these Windlight settings -> CLICK HERE

Instructions to install -> CLICK

enjoy :)


Another Lucky Chair FREEBIE! WIN A SOFA CHAIR!

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Lately, it seems that I've been addicted to giving out FREE stuff in my lucky chairs!! Here's a fun designer sofa for you to WIN with 10 FUN animations built in to it!!

If you want a chance to win one, you have to TP to my store and wait for the lucky chair to call your name.

This is a good quality chair (copyable) and there are some surprise animations on it that will make you laugh!

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to win a special edition Pink Delight Sofa!

Have fun, and tell your friends!





Second Life is about having fun, right? A special edition avatar awaits you at Tesla...

Try your luck and see if you can win this awesomely funny CRAZY MOUTH Avatar on my Lucky Chairs. Walk around and look silly, the tongue even moves!

So c'mon down and TP to my store and see if you're going to be a lucky prize winner!

TO MY STORE RIGHT AWAY for a chance to win!

Have fun!!!



TESLA - 'Absolute' NEW Boots Release

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Absolute are the latest sexy patent high heeled stiletto boots, with so many colors to choose from, you'll most likely find something you love!

At 300 L$ each, they're excellent value for such good quality, buy all 11 colors for only 1100 L$!

Now available at Tesla's Mainstore, come in and try a demo, see if Absolute ankle boots are for YOU!


Have fun!


TESLA Klaks Clogs are HERE!!! Get excited about them!

Klaks, they're the shoes for people who don't have time for work, BUT plenty of time for FUN, because Klaks are not just shoes, but a lifestyle choice. Choose these shoes because you're fun, exciting and playful.


Now available at Tesla's Mainstore, come in and try a demo, see if Klaks are for YOU!

Click for Teleport...


NEW! - Angelina - Stiletto High Heel Boots - by TESLA

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The Angelina boots are now available for you to purchase!

The fatpack contains a special edition *Seductress* pair which has red soles, and isn't sold separately.

So come along, check out the demo, and see if these beauties will become a part of your wardrobe today!

Keep enjoying Second Life and being sexy!