FREE Fun Gift! Franken-Feet SHOES! Oooh lala, tres chic!

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These fun FREE feet with shoes can be used for ornament, or wearing!

If you're fed up of your boring feet, fret no more! - Now you can wear someone else's feet instead!

Pick up your shoes today from one of the following locations...

XStreetSL product link please rate them to show your appreciation :)

Or join my in-world group, 'TESLA Store Group', you'll find the free gift located in the group's notice archive.

Have fun!



NEW RELEASE!!! High Heel Oxfords! WOOOT!

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I won't bother to say much, instead, I'll refer you to a review by Anessa Stine at On Your Toes Blog.

You can try the DEMO at my in-world store... TESLA landmark


High Heel Oxfords! COMING SOON to TESLA in December!

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Hi all!

Sorry I've been quiet... Just thought I'd share a sneak preview of the high heel Oxfords that I've been working on! This is just a preview, so the final release may look different.

All the textures were hand-drawn, no photo-sources were used, and the shoe will eventually come in a variety of colours to ensure that they match your outfits!

They are perfect for school, work or play!

Stay tuned folks!