TESLA - Shiny Felicity Slingback Stiletto Heels!

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Patent black slingback stilettos for any occasion. Featuring a platform base and a tall, slim heel.

Try the demo at the store... Teleport



FREE! a HIGHER Elise2! - Elise-2-Elevate... Mary Jane Platform Heels!

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To thank all my Tesla Store group members for being so loyal and helping promote my store by just having my group listed in their profile, I've decided to make them feel extra special with this special edition gift... Elise-2-Elevate.

What makes this different from the usual Elise2 Mary Janes is the fact that they are higher, with a platform base and a higher heel. They'll definitely make you stand out in a crowd! Not only are they taller, they're also appropriately proportioned so the Elise2's cousin carries on the tradition of making you look your best.

As with the other free Elise2 shoes, this is not just a free gift - the quality is as good as the full price shoes that I sell in my store if not better! So wear these with pride and enjoy your Second Life!

Don't worry if you missed the posted group notice... just go into the group information, then look under the Notices tab, you'll find the gift as an attachment of the notice with the reference in the subject line.

Have fun!!




TESLA - Sculpted Wedge Heels - Catalina

It's a wedge heel with a hole in it!

You can try the demo at my store... Teleport


TESLA - Mary Janes 'Elise2' in EXTRA Colours!!

I've made a couple of Elise2 Mary Janes so far, and both of them are free. There's a free black pair of the Elise2 which if I had decided to sell, I'd probably have retired already - JK ;) And a kissable red pair available on the lucky chair - That one seems to work well with red and black lingerie ;)

So anyway, I caved in under the pressure of demands to make more colours for the Elise2 range. Their bright, round, colourful contemporary style is perfect for being cutesy in. So put on your light dresses and slip into these shoes that are designed to be adored.

Pick'em up by clicking HERE

So as Jerry Spring Chicken would say, 'take care of yourselves and each other'



TESLA - FREE! - PhotoFace Lighting Solution!! For Guys & Girls!

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Ya know, I got kind of fed up of the bad face lighting systems that people are using in Windlight - before my retinas got completely fried, I decided to give away, for completely FREE (yup, you heard right), my own face lighting system!!! WOOOT!

This system is better than most systems - WHY? because its the one that I made for myself and use on a daily basis - and everyone knows that everyone wants the best for themselves, right? Unlike other systems, this solution is subtle, it does not scream, 'I am wearing a torch', but it lights beneath the nose, eye bags, and jaw, so it softens the transition of shadows from dark to light, thus - making your face less ghoulish during the day, and making it more visible at night. PHEWW!

Anyway, I've decided to give this lighting system, that I've carefully tweaked, and optimized for Windlight too, as a freebie, so that people no longer blind me with their face suns.

Pick up this lovely gift from me to you for absolutely free, or the cost of a TP (it rhymes) at my bloody store... CLICK TO TP! and please hang out and chill so I get a traffic boost for my efforts ;)))



PS. Keep looking in the skies - they are out there!