TESLA - Mary Janes 'Elise2' in EXTRA Colours!!

I've made a couple of Elise2 Mary Janes so far, and both of them are free. There's a free black pair of the Elise2 which if I had decided to sell, I'd probably have retired already - JK ;) And a kissable red pair available on the lucky chair - That one seems to work well with red and black lingerie ;)

So anyway, I caved in under the pressure of demands to make more colours for the Elise2 range. Their bright, round, colourful contemporary style is perfect for being cutesy in. So put on your light dresses and slip into these shoes that are designed to be adored.

Pick'em up by clicking HERE

So as Jerry Spring Chicken would say, 'take care of yourselves and each other'


Tesla Miles

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