- TESLA - Toxic Mutant Thing NPC/Dummy

100% ORIGINAL MESH by Tesla! High quality baked textures with SL materials. Also available as an avatar... see related items.
Click to resize.
12LI for 1.7M Height
Available on SL Marketplace... CLICK HERE

- TESLA - Cyclops Sausage Man Avatar

"Do you know the Sausage Man, the Sausage Man, the Sausage Man?"
The Cyclops Sausage Man, the bane of many a small child...
Available on SL Marketplace... CLICK HERE

Little Santa Avatar by TESLA

Little Santa Avatar + NPC

100% Original Mesh by Tesla
Works with all your existing animations
Low prim NPC dummy, only 2 LI!

Available on SL Marketplace

- TESLA - Super Gimp Avatar [PG Version]

100% Original Super Gimp Avatar by TESLA!

Super Gimp's only purpose is to serve. Everyone wants Super Gimp, but not everyone is worthy of his servitude.

Available on SL Marketplace:

PG Version
Adult Version

Mesh Pumpkins! Low Prim/Mod/Copy

ONLY 49L$ !

Tesla Pumpkins! 100% ORIGINAL sculpted and painted mesh. NOT ripped from games, so you can be sure it won't be removed from your inventory by LL. Mod & Copy. Uses SL materials for extra detail and realism. Only 1 prim Land Impact - group objects together for lower LI.

Available on SL Marketplace!

- TESLA - Deluxe Cigarette

100% Original mesh. Realistic no-lag particle smoke and realistic glowing embers.

Mod and Copy for easy adjustment. Much cheaper than a real habit, buy it today and start saving money!

A must-have accessory for any outfit!

SL Marketplace

- TESLA - Mister Poopy Avatar!

100% Original Mister Poopy Avatar
Not only is Mister Poopy really ugly, he is out to cause a stink! Check out the video to see him in action!
Works flawlessly with all your existing animations and dances!
Be the poop that you've always dreamed to be!
Available at the SL MARKETPLACE