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- TESLA - Hypno Television Avatar!

The Hypno Television Avatar is great for making your friends look like television addicts! An ideal avatar to change into while you are away from the keyboard so you appear just like another piece of inconspicuous furniture in the room.

Available on SL Marketplace

'TERTIA' Skybox Release

State-of-the-art fully baked photo-realistic lighting and shadow textures means that this three level skybox still looks amazing at the lowest SL settings! Experience great architectural design at an affordable price.

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- TESLA - Monkey Man Avatar

100% Original Mesh and Textures! Monkey Man is not completely monkey, ask his parents, though only his dad is able to speak like a human. Works flawlessly with all your existing animations and dances!

Available on SL Marketplace!

- TESLA - Toxic Mutant Thing NPC/Dummy

100% ORIGINAL MESH by Tesla! High quality baked textures with SL materials. Also available as an avatar... see related items.
Click to resize.
12LI for 1.7M Height
Available on SL Marketplace... CLICK HERE

- TESLA - Cyclops Sausage Man Avatar

"Do you know the Sausage Man, the Sausage Man, the Sausage Man?"
The Cyclops Sausage Man, the bane of many a small child...
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Little Santa Avatar by TESLA

Little Santa Avatar + NPC

100% Original Mesh by Tesla
Works with all your existing animations
Low prim NPC dummy, only 2 LI!

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