Spray Can Avatar

100% Original Mesh and textures with SL Materials.
Works with all your existing animations and AO! Has a working touch on/off particle spray. You can even customize the label - Upload your own texture!
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The Crappy Poop Avatar

100% Original Crappy Poop Avatar.

This is an ugly-looking and stupid avatar, guaranteed to annoy people.

Get it HERE!

NEW!!! The Amazing Hand Avatar by TESLA

100% Original Mesh and textures with SL Materials.
Works with all your existing animations and AO! Try it with different animations for different results each time!
Click the video link below to see The Amazing Avatar Hand in action!
LOTS of FUN! - AMAZE and MESMERIZE your friends!

Available from SL Marketplace!

Black Silk Pantyhose Appliers for TESLA Sky High Heels (Mesh legs & pumps)

This is a HUD applier that allows you to upgrade your Sky High Heels legs with an option of six original and high quality black silk pantyhose textures.

IMPORTANT: This product ONLY works with Tesla's 'Sky High Heels' (available from LINK ) There is no refund available.

Get the appliers HERE from SL Marketplace.

- TESLA - presents Sheeple and Starman Avatars!

100% Original Sheeple Mesh Avatar to celebrate the Year of the Sheeple! Includes FREE* gift Sheeple T-shirt and OBEY phone with each avatar. *while stocks last. Works with all your existing AO animations. Get the Sheeple avatar from my SL Marketplace!

Starman is an ugly-looking and 'pointless' avatar, the only reason you'd buy and wear this is to annoy people with it. Works with all your AO and dance animations. Get the Starman avatar from my SL Marketplace!

Happy New Year From TESLA!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I keep forgetting to update my blog! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

 Crazy Rabbit Avatar

Wasteland Traveller Mesh Dummy NPC

Birdy Num Num Mesh Avatar

There are several more releases that I have not put here, you can find them on my Flickr album!

Thank you for your continuing support of my work! :)

Sleeping Kitten... AWWWWWwwww

Only 100 L$ ! Includes a wearable version (with holding animation) and a display version. *While stocks last.

Low-prim Sleeping Kitten. 100% ORIGINAL sculpted and painted mesh. NOT ripped from games, so you can be sure it won't be removed from your inventory by LL. Easy click to resize. Uses SL materials for extra detail and realism. Only 1 prim Land Impact.

Available on SL Marketplace