TESLA - New Platform Pumps - OOOooh Estella...

I decided to set myself the rather daunting task of creating yet another sculpted prim shoe; this time, as an exercise, I asked myself what would Miss Havisham's daughter look like if she were a shoe. I wracked my brain over this one, just like Dickens might have at one time when he was writing his Great Expectations in the dim candlelight of his cramped living quarters. Eventually, Estella was finally manifested in the form of a platform heeled shoe with a teasingly cute floppy bow ribbow on the heel. Miss Havisham would have been proud, but be careful - she don't like any guys to do dirty tricks to her daughter... *mad laugh*

There have been rumours that Tesla store has been slowly going down the pan while newer shoe brands have been pushing my shoes to the bottome of the closet... Well, I've been punching frozen meat for the past couple of weeks, strengthening my fashion muscles, and I'd like to thank all my customers for continuing to support me - even though I'm suffering from madness...

Well, back to the shoes..l There are nine, yes nine! different funky colours with a swirley, yet mesmerizing texture, on the patent leather! All extremely girly girl shoes for girly girls.

Come to my in-world store in Second Life (have you heard of it?) - by CLICKING HERE FOR TP!

Have fun kiddies, and don't forget to sleep (ahhh sleep, I miss sleep...)

Tes XoXoX

Tesla Miles

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


These are adorable, Tesla! I want!

And don't believe3 what you hear. Your shoes always have a place in my quickchange folder!

Rumors? Really? I've got just about every shoe imaginable in my inventory and what shoes do I always turn to when I need a great scultpie shoe that won't "bleed" if I cam out? Yep - my Tesla's. You make kick-ass shoes that look great with anything. I can't imagine them not being a part of my wardrobe. So keep up the good work! <3

I am going to have to restrain Laynie. :D

Laynie said...

You are SO not kidding, Teagan! I keep reminding myself.. I gotta send the kid to camp, I gotta send the kid to camp.....