Ziggy2 Boots RELEASE!

These shoes are a Victorian style high heel boot. Unlike my other shoes where the computer helped generate many of the curves, in Ziggy2 every curve was hand-sculpted, all textures were hand-painted- So in every sense, this shoe, unlike its predecessors is more like a sculpture, so in essence, you are not just buying a shoe, but a true piece of art that has a very realistic feel to it. The colour scheme was carefully selected so that each boot would evoke a sense of place and time. All the textures have been fitted into a single UV texture space for extremely fast-rezzing (Fast Rez technology) - Just put this up against other shoes to see how fast the textures appear!

There are twelve styles, plus an EXCLUSIVE Brocade style as a thank you gift for all those who buy the fatpack with the HUD texture changer.

Come to my new store to check out the vendor!

This exclusive pair only with the fatpack.

Tesla Miles

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