TESLA Ziggy2 Boots - Now available on SL Marketplace

Ziggy2 are Victorian inspired mesh boots designed by Tesla Miles, 100% original hand-crafted mesh, not template, and hand-made photorealistic textures using SL material's specular and normal maps for extra life-like quality.

Each boot has carefully chose colour combinations, each one designed to evoke a sense of time and place. With the fatpack, there comes a simple to use texture HUD - just wear and choose. Each texture rezzes quickly, there is barely any waiting time because all the polygon UVs have been compacted into a single texture space... this shoe will appear much faster than other shoes of a similar quality.

Each shoe comes in both rigged and non-rigged versions, so you have a choice of how you want to best fit your shoes. The non-rigged version has a resizer built into it - you just have to click the shoes to get to the menu system.

There are twelve different colour theme designs to choose from, but if you buy the fatpack with the texture change HUD, then as a thank you gift, you will get an EXCLUSIVE brocade Ziggy2 boot, that comes only with the fatpack and won't be available anywhere else.

Buy a slice of happiness today!

Available at my In-World Store or on SL Marketplace

This Brocade pair is exclusive to the fatpack!

Tesla Miles

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.