TESLA - Vixen_II - an old favourite revisted!!

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Always imitated by other designers, but never the same, the seductive Vixen shoes have always been a favourite of mine. After releasing the first nine colours, many claimed them to be the most realistic looking classic pump in SL. Weeks later, I released the Vinyl Vixens which were the first shiny (as in reflective texture) shoes in SL - then everyone went absolutely bonkers (as in running around screaming waving a shotgun) for shiny shoes in SL and never looked back.

Well anyway, Vixen fans have been stalking me and harassing me to make more colours - yeah, I'm talking about fans of the 80s girl rock band. Threatened by their hairsprayed and peroxide blonde ambitions, I finally gave in to their demands and dug up my old Vixen shoe files which were gathering dust in my father's porn closet.

What I saw of the old Vixens, did not satisfy me; my jedi sculptie skills have improved much since those days before Windlight (BW). The Vixens are very much close to flukey perfection as I could have achieved, so the alterations I made are perceptibly minor. I've narrowed the frontend of the shoe, and made a slightly pointier tip - the sides and back of the shoe are now closer fitting, while taking the liberty of adjusting the shoe base too.

New textures have been added to the Vixen_II, shiny but not too shiny - in colours that are glossy and pearl-like - hence the name, the Pearl Collection. They look good with casual or formal wear; jeans or prom dress. Best of all, they mesmerize the onlooker, who might be caught staring and drooling on the shoes, with a tear in their eye.

Try the demo today at MY STORE! hehehe, and say hi to the aliens for me :)



Tesla Miles

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


I think you may have just bettered perfection in a shoe form...congratulations! Right, do you have a tissue handy? I've dribbled all down my front....