On COPYBOTS and FREE Warning Posters for your store...

I started SL like everyone else, with zero lindens in my pocket. Since I discovered the public sandbox, I haven't looked back - I now have my own store; needless to say, like many others,I am a self-made SL success story.

Every resident is given the same opportunity as others to create a career for themselves should they so wish, but unfortunately some feel that they are entitled to an unfair advantage to make lindens by exploiting the honest hardwork of others.

Believe me, I have missed meals, missed sleep, even missed parties so I can do what I love - designing and making things. Creative passion can go a long way in driving oneself to do what others might consider a chore.

Having said all that, there is nothing more heartbreaking in the world than someone stealing something that you have worked so hard and selling copies of it for monetary gain. It's as if they see your work as nothing more than that... money. You can tell, by the way they set up their stolen merchandise stores, that copybot users really have no imagination - no sense for design or beauty.

By doing what they do, they scare away the creative innovators that keep SL exciting and fresh. Without new things to keep us amused and entertained, SL will then become stagnant with old items and it's vitality will eventually wither away and die.

Maybe it's because some residents view SL as simply a game that they can't take seriously the implications of duplicating a creator's work without permission. Copyright infringement is a crime - that includes internet content - Many store owners will not hesitate to find and chase these lawbreakers to court, then prosecute them - leading to a fine and possible imprisonment.

I have produced a couple of posters for store owners to put up in their stores as a warning (but not necessarily a deterrent) to those who may undermine the severity of their actions. The copyright law is strict and is enforced in nearly every country. Hopefully these posters will make those who might consider committing such a crime understand that it could end up in regret.

I have discussed with other sl creators the possibility of setting up a bounty style reward system for those who can provide locations and evidence leading up to the prosecution of any copybot offenders. Right now, with the large number of merchants, it is possible to organize and fund an agency dedicated to protecting original creative work in SL.

COME TO MY STORE to pick up the poster pack - just click on the floating box and you will receive one just like it with the textures also inside. They are full perms so feel free to give them out.

UPDATE... Now available HERE for free on SLExchange

Tesla Miles

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


SySy Chapman said...

GREAT! picked up a pack and putting it in my store right now ;)

Anessa Stine said...

Great Idea Tes - Thank you for working to bring the COPYBOT Issue to the attention of so many. I fully support your efforts!

Rehula said...

Hi Tesla, i am glad that you made a post like this. Very useful for new residents who doesn't stop to think about the limits that everyone has. I took the liberty to write your text at my website and of course linking and giving credits to you, and made a new layout for RPG and Industrial themed with your text, also given free to copy. Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...
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Be sure that you only deal with legit sites. Try to check on some testimonial and contact numbers just to know that you are really negotiating with real people.